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Old Fashioned Window Design Stained Glass Mouse Pad by Frank Lloyd Wright 9.25L - 8504 - Museumize

Old Fashioned Window Design Stained Glass Mouse Pad by Frank Lloyd Wright 9.25L -

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The idea that Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 1867-1959) ever designed an old-fashioned window is amusing. Windows he did design-hundreds of them, maybe thousands but their innumerable individual pieces of glass, with innovative coatings that provided color and iridescence, assumed daringly novel forms unlike anything Tiffany or Laforge ever dreamt of. Immune to the sinuous charms of Art Nouveau, the architect conjured resolutely geometric forms into glass.

The design, known as Old Fashioned Window, was never intended as a glass ornament for an Oak Park living room-it was meant to appear on the cover of one of the more ambitious contributions to the Golden Age of Magazines, Liberty: A weekly for Everybody. During a dry spell, when he and his wife Olgivanna lived in his sister's Manhattan apartment, Wright wrote a series of articles for Architectural Record. He went on to work for other magazines, and he hoped that the publishers of Liberty might prefer his daring covers to the Rockwellisms it typically relied on. Though Wright mounted a bold campaign to win the heart of Liberty's editor , the magazine never bought any of his designs.

  • This mouse pad has a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass design of an old fashioned window. PN 8504
  • Decorate your desk with a mouse mat or coffee place mat and add beauty to your office.
  • This mousepad measures 7 3/4 inches x 9 1/4 inches.
  • Made with a washable acrylic finish in a mouse-friendly texture. Hard top.

Old Fashioned Window, 1927. Adaptation of Liberty magazine cover design by Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 18671959).

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