Museumize:Cresting Wave of Ocean Sea Hand Blown Glass Paperweight 3H

Cresting Wave of Ocean Sea Hand Blown Glass Paperweight 3H

PN# 8528
  • $119.95 USD

Cresting Wave: Thunderous and powerful, a cresting wave is frozen in crystal glass as its about to break. It is a surfer's dream a sailor's nightmare. The wave has two faces. For some it is a lulling whisper of the ocean's cry to come out and play. For others, it is the roaring open sea's vengeful teeth ready to swallow a voyager whole. The adjoining hands of wind and water create the spectacular power and beauty of waves. PN 8528.

This Cresting Wave Glass Paperweight is signed and presented with story-cards and a keepsake box. Measures 3" diameter.

Environmental Series: Natural disasters and fascinating creatures make up our Environmental Series of hand crafted collectible paperweights made from hand blown glass. Whether you can crave the calm serenity of a tide pool or the rage of tropical storm, this collection can sooth or stir up your senses.

Made By Hand: Our artistic process is steeped in the beauty and mystery of glass from start to finish. We begin by applying immense heat to a mixture of sand to create molten glass. Each individual piece starts as a precise amount of glass on the end of a blowpipe or rod. The piece takes shape as the artist manipulates the glass with light but precise touches. After a quick fire-polish, the piece is brought to room temperature slowly, over a period of days. Some pieces are finished using diamond wheel grinders and polishing stones.

Note: Each item is uniquely hand crafted and will vary slightly from the picture.

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