Museumize:Nike of Samothrace Victory Goddess Statue 16H - 131AW

Nike of Samothrace Victory Goddess Statue 16H - 131AW

PN# 131AW
  • $115.00 USD

Goddess and winged messenger of victory in ancient Greece, Nike symbolizes effort and determination against all odds. She is also recognized as a mediator between gods and mortals. Athenians dedicated her statue in Delphi following a naval victory over the Persians in 480 B.C.

This sculpture is hand-cast and hand-finished in crushed stone resin. Centuries-old casting techniques still apply. Artisans apply the patina in a labor-intensive process that requires several layers and specialized shading. The result is a durable statue that stands up to the ravages of time.

Measures: 16"H including black base.

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