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Museumize:Senet Ancient Egyptian Wood Game with Pullout Drawer 16L
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Senet Ancient Egyptian Wood Game with Pullout Drawer 16L -

  • 39.00 USD

Senet Board Game was the most popular board game of ancient Egypt. Archeological evidence shows it was played by all levels of society. Peasants played it on magnificent boards made of rare wood and ivory. Rediscovered in 1922 among the treasures in the tomb of the boy King Tutankhamen who lived nearly 4000 years ago. The game had religious and mystical meaning and was said to be played with the help of the gods.

The moves of pieces on the board represented the wanderings of the human soul in the under world. The players goal was to move their pawns to the last square representing the world beyond. This is done with a set of throwsticks shaped in the form of fingers and serving as dice. The hopscotch game, drawn with chalk on the ground and played by children, is an abbreviated version of Senet. The goal of hopscotch, incidentally, is the same to move from hell to heaven.

Our Egyptian Senet Board Game is crafted of wood with hieroglyphics to describe the passages involved in the game. It has a drawer for storing the playing pieces which include ten playing pieces, four two-sided throwsticks and a die. It is a game of chance and fate, and as in life, the outcome is unknown until the game is completed.

  • It is a game for two players and the board measures 16 in L x 5 in W.
  • Made from wood. Weighs 3 lbs. (PN 5641)

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