Mercury / Hermes Lost Wax Bronze Sculpture by Giambologna 32H

PN# 4085_30
  • $596.25 USD

Mercury (Hermes) acted as messenger of the gods and a deity of wealth, trade and travelers. He assisted many gods by using his winged sandals named "talaria" which he wears in this 16th sculpture by Giovanni da Bologna (Giambologna) now in the National Museum, Florence. In his hand he holds his famous symbol, the caduceus, which later became a symbol for medicine and alchemy.

Made from gallery quality lost wax bronze, round black marble base.

Measures 32 inches H x 9.25 inches D x 6 inches W. Weighs approx. 20 lbs.

NOTE: Black square display stand not included. PN 4085_30.

One of our customers placed the bronze statue outside as a focal point in a backyard geometric design.

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