Mother Holding Baby Statue from Three Ages Of Woman by Gustav Klimt 9H

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The expressive image of a Mother Holding Her Child is a detail from the painting, Three Ages of Woman (1905) by Gustav Klimt, inspired by Auguste Rodin's bronze figurine, Die schone Helmschmiedin. In the original, Klimt placed an old woman on the left of his painting as a counterpart to the scene. The original is in the Galleria Nazional d'Arte, Rome.

In this tender portrait of a sleeping mother and daughter, Klimt conveys eternal contentment. Both the concept of this painting, its colors and ornaments are full of contrast and reveal to us our origin and future. The central figure is a woman, a beautifully composed worldly Madonna, captured within the inevitable circle of life, but without actually being involved. Clusters of flowers in the mother's golden hair transition to a glowing background of circular motifs that wrap the two figures.

Parastone has masterfully brought to life this legendary immortal painting of the Three Ages of Woman by Art Nouveau master artist Gustav Klimt, as an intricate 3D statue adaptation in the greatest detail.

Made from hand-painted resin, 9 in. x 2.5 in. x 2 in. Weight: 1 lbs. (PN KL24)

About Gustav Klimt: Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) was a prominent member of an innovating group of artists called Sezession and is considered to be one of the main pioneers of modern art. Apart from this, his ornamental Jugendstil style evokes an irresistible feeling which is inspired by the fin-de-siecle of 19th century Vienna: elitist, liberal-middle class, decadent, pleasantly-decorative. His work is extremely recognizable due to his monumental style combined with Byzantine-like ornamental art and classical symbolism, created against the background of romanticism which was so characteristic of his time. In Sezession's own words: "Art guides us to an ideal realm, the only place where we will be able to find pure joy, pure happiness and pure love. A choir of angels from paradise. Joy given by divine sparkles. That kiss from the entire world!"

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