Nile Goddess Egyptian Mother Goddess Pendant Pewter Necklace 0.75H

PN# ETM-508
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This Nile Goddess is from the earliest period in Egyptian History, before the time of the Pharaohs. She had been identified as the Goddess of the Nile, the Sacred River. Her arms are upraised in prayer to Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens. The Nile floods in yearly cycles, and for thousands of years, the day the star Sirius first appeared was also the day the floods began. It was the beginning of the agricultural year. and brought with it another year of life for the Egyptian people. The prayers of the Nile Goddess might be to be reunited with her stellar counterpart, so that they might together give, once again, the gift of life to people.

  • Unisex Charm Pendant comes on Legend Cards with a 33 inch long cord.
  • Made from fine pewter. Measures 0.75 in H x 0.75 in L.
  • PN ETM-508

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