Photographer Taking Picture Profession Statue Cartoon Parastone 7.8H

  • $78.00 USD

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Humorous statue of a Photographer Taking Pictures with a very long zoom lens. Photographer Statue is part of the Professions Collection "Profisti" by Parastone of humorous interpretations of people performing their jobs.

  • Made from resin with minute details and hand-painted delight.
  • Measures: 7.8 in H x 5.5 in W x 3.5 in D. Weighs 2.25 lbs.

In the Profisti figurines of Professions statues, the Parastone artists Fons van Dommelen and Ed van Rosmalen capture the spirit of the real professional, the true tradesman, the genuine craftsman who is preoccupied in his profession, sometimes chaotic, but always fully dedicated.

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