Museumize:Prehistoric Dinosaur Utah Raptor Claw 9L - 5101

Prehistoric Dinosaur Utah Raptor Claw no stand 9L

PN# 5101Z
  • $69.00 USD

The Utah Raptor and Deinonychus claws are from the lethal arsenals of the most deadly dinosaurs to ever stalk the Earth. These vicious sickle claws were truly amazing weapons. Each raptor utilized long arms to subdue a victim, while slashing the abdomen with a ripping claw located on its foot. The original Utah Raptor, from which this replica was molded, is housed at the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum.

Made from compound stone with hand-painted details to replicate the most minute details, 9 in L measured on the curve x 6 in H x 3 in W.

NOTE: stand pictured is no longer available / not included.

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