Roman Gold Coin Aureus Caesar Emperor Pin Pinback Badge Tie Tack

PN# 10050
  • $9.95 USD

This reproduction Roman Aureus coin is supplied on a pin with clasp. If you compete in Roman military strategy games or role playing fantasy competitions, you'll want to wear this Roman Aureus Coin pin on your tie, cap or backpack to show your spirit. Also, you can teach children about the history of ancient Rome

  • Roman Aureus Coin pin is made from lead free metal with secure pin clasp Gold finish. PN 10050.
  • Measures 3/4 in W x 3/4 in L 1/8 in D.

Ancient Rome was originally a small town on the banks of the Tiber River in the west of Italy. Though Rome owed its prosperity to trade in the early years, it was war which would make the city a powerful force in the ancient world. The Roman army battled first against its tribal neighbors and Etruscan towns within Italy, and later came to dominate the Mediterranean and at its height the provinces of Britannia and Asia Minor. With this conquest came new Roman laws, roads, architecture, coins, cloths and jewelry.

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