Scythian Stag Reindeer Brooch Pin Museum Jewelry 2L

Scythian Stag Reindeer Brooch Pin Museum Jewelry 2L

PN# 5119
  • $49.50 USD

This replica of the Reindeer Scythian Stag Pin Brooch is taken from a plaque of Scythian art work (late 7th - early 6th century BC). In the eastern region, stags and felines were considered to be appropriate decorations for weapons. The reindeer is a recurrent theme among the ancient pastoral tribes who dominated Eastern Europe and Central Asia during the first millennium BC.

  • Scythian Stag Brooch Pin is made of 24K antique gold plate over pewter.
  • Dark red enamel on ear and eye.
  • Measures 2 in L x 1.5 in W. (PN 5119)

Similar ornaments have been found in the great burials of tribal chieftains shamans, and priestesses, where they were used as decorative motifs for clothing and horse-trappings. As symbols of the sun and its daily journey across the sky, ancient reindeer such as the one in this reproduction is depicted in mid-gallop. The ancient reindeer can be linked to the modern myth of Santa Claus, and his own team of flying reindeer.

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