Van Gogh Starry Night Blue Museum Art Ceramic Flower Vase 10.25H

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Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night painting has been adapted to the surface of a ceramic vase in which one can display a beautiful flower bouquet. The vase is an round shape with details on all sides. We see the big blue sky with yellow white stars alongside a spooky black tree. Put your favorite flower bouquet inside and decorate your home or desk. 

The painting shows the night sky as seen from Van Gogh's room in the lunatic asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, where he was admitted voluntarily for a year shortly before his death. The asylum was located in a spacious, old monastery where there was also space for a studio. It was here that Van Gogh created many sketches and paintings, of which The Starry Night has become, retrospectively, one of the most iconic works of art history.
  • Art vase is made from kiln-fired ceramic, color and gloss finish. (PN SDA29)
  • Shape is oval.
  • Measures 10.25 in H x 4.75 in W x 2.4 in D. Weight 1.2 lbs.

This vase is part of an art vase collection called Silhouette d'Art. It is crafted from fine ceramic and decorated with a famous masterpiece painting. Vases are a cooperative effort between two European fine art manufacturers -- Parastone, a Dutch Art Company, and John Beswick, a British ceramic company. The famous art masterpieces are selected for their visual beauty and then applied to a special shaped vase design with a cut edge to enhance a design element from the painting.

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