Museumize:Lady with Flowers Garden Statue by Moreau 25.5H - 5359

Lady with Flowers Victorian Dainty Graceful Statue by Moreau 25.5H

PN# 5359
  • $155.00 USD

Lady with Flowers sculpture is beautiful from every angle. Reproduced after an antique, the original sculpture from which this reproduction was taken bears the signature of Moreau. There were two artists name Moreau and both of them were painters. Therein lies a mystery...was the sculptor a relative? The theme of a barely clad female is typical of work done in the late 19th century. The Victorian Period, while socially and politically conservative, was highly ornate in architecture and interior furnishings. This work speaks of that flamboyant decoration.

Lady with Flowers Garden Statue by Moreau is made from plaster, museum white finish (yellow with ochre wash), 25.5 in H x 8 in W.

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