Lady with Fan Woven by Gustav Klimt Wall Tapestry 37W x 52H

Lady with Fan Woven by Gustav Klimt Wall Tapestry 37W x 52H

PN# 6797
  • $180.00 USD

Known for elaborate, explicitly sensual paintings and murals, Gustav Klimt's works encompass themes of regeneration, love and death. Embedding his work with images symbolizing the freedom of art from traditional Western culture, Klimt's eclectic range of influences included Egyptian, Classical Greek, Byzantine and Medieval styles. Lady With Fan is one of his later works, completed in 1917.

In this image, we see an elegant woman with hair ringlets holding an oriental fan. Sh wears a fancy green brocade shawl. Behind her on the wall is a pattern of birds. The colors are multicolored with a yellow background.

Our artisans have done a masterful job of weaving Klimt's elaborately detailed, abundantly colored, and visually remarkable original, into a glorious centerpiece wall tapestry. One you will find yourself mesmerized by.

This Wall Tapestry is portrait in shape . Measures: 37 inches wide by 52 inches tall. Woven from 100% cotton in the USA.

NOTE: rod pictured is not included

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