Three Ages of Women Ceramic Museum Vase by Klimt 9H

  • $66.00 USD

Woman Holding Baby from Three Ages of Woman by Gustav Klimt illustrates the cycle of life from child to woman to elderly. The vase here shows the strong connection between mother and child as the mother leans her head down on the baby in a timeless pose of devotion. One of Klimt's most famous paintings has been adapted to cover the front of a ceramic vase. The vase has been cleverly designed to enhance the appeal of the unifying embrace at center as the top edge has a rounded pattern. 

  • Put your favorite flower bouquet inside and decorate your home or desk.
  • The vase is triangular with pattern details from the painting.
  • Art vase is made from kiln-fired ceramic, color and gloss finish.
  • Measures 9 in H x 3.5 inches diameter.

This vase is part of an art vase collection called Silhouette d'Art. It is crafted from fine ceramic and decorated with a famous masterpiece painting. Vases are a cooperative effort between two European fine art manufacturers -- Parastone, a Dutch Art Company, and John Beswick, a British ceramic company. The famous art masterpieces are selected for their visual beauty and then applied to a special shaped vase design with a cut edge to enhance a design element from the painting.

Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)
Klimt was a prominent member of an innovative group of artists called Sezession and is considered to be one of the main pioneers of modern art. Apart from this, his ornamental Jugendstil style evokes an irresistible feeling which is inspired by the fin-de-siecle of 19th century Vienna: elitist, liberal-middle class, decadent, and pleasantly decorative. His work is extremely recognizable due to his monumental style combined with Byzantine-like ornamental art and classical symbolism, created against the background of romanticism which was so characteristic of his time.

In Sezession's own words: Art guides us to an ideal realm, the only place where we will be able to find pure joy, pure happiness and pure love. A choir of angels from paradise. Joy given by divine sparkles. That kiss from the entire world!

Three Ages of Woman Painting by Klimt (1905)
Both the concept of this painting, its colors and ornaments are full of contrast and reveal to us our origin and future. The central figure is a woman, a beautifully composed worldly Madonna, captured within the inevitable circle of life, but without actually being involved. She is holding a baby, the young age of woman. The third woman in the painting (not pictured on the vase) is an old woman. Klimt references the cycle of life with subtlety.

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