Rodin | Thinker Kiss & Claudel | The Waltz

rodin the thinker, rodin the kiss, gesture sculptures, camille claudel the waltzAUGUSTE RODIN (1840-1917): The French sculptor Rodin was very talented at conveying feeling in his compositions by emphasizing gesture. His rough surface texture with deep hollows added strong shadows and naturalism to the human form. Rodin's goal, as he put it, was "to render inner feelings through muscular movement." As one of the most popular sculptors, Rodin gives insight into the human condition in a profound and moving way. His sculptures of The Kiss and The Thinker are iconic expressions of Love and Contemplation.

A few statues by Camille Claudel, associate of Rodin, but sculptress extraordinaire in her own right. Her statue The Waltz expresses a passionate moment of dance between two intertwined lovers.