Museumize:Van Gogh Starry Night Box, Small 1.5L

Van Gogh Starry Night HandPainted Ceramic Box, Small 1.5L

PN# 7811
  • $18.95 USD

Van Gogh's legendary Post-Impressionist painting Starry Night --one of the most expensive ever sold at auction-- is here reproduced in vibrant hues on a hand-painted porcelain miniature box. The dancing stars and swirling moonlight dance across the sides and top of the box. 

Museum of Modern Art, New York, June 1889

Place your special items in this decorative art gift box for keepsakes. It is the perfect size for placing an engagement or anniversary ring...or even your a locket of hair.

Made from porcelain, hand painted enamel, hinged lid, decorative use only, approximately 1.5" diameter. (PN 7811)

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