Patchouli Mythos Clairvoyance Wealth Incense Sticks / Lot of 12 Packs / AS Is no returns attic

PN# F26-12PK-DAM
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We have some packs of Patchouli Mythos Incense which have damaged exterior packaging
 -- but nothing is wrong with the incense sticks! The packages are stuck together, but the sticks can be easily removed.

We are offering special pricing for these items when purchased as a lot.

12 packs of Patchouli, each with 16 sticks = 192 sticks.

Product description:
Patchouli incense. Pack of 16 sticks, 10"L each. Long burning time (no less than 50 minutes) and long lasting. Premium quality. All natural. Made in Spain by Flaires, the best European incense.

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