Museumize:DaVinci Mona Lisa Pillow Case Sham 27L

Mona Lisa Pillow Case Sham for Standard Bed Pillow by Leonardo DaVinci 27L

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Decorate your bed with an unusual Art Masterpiece Pillow Sham. This pillow sham has Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting on the front illustrating her famous stare and smile as she looks up at you. The back side shows an imagined view of the back of Mona Lisa's head. This Renaissance masterpiece has been cleverly adapted for your home environment and will be a centerpiece of attention in your bedroom. Alternate the two pictures on your bed for diversity!

Our pillow shams measure 21" x 27" (to fit a standard 20" x 26" pillow). They are made of 100% combed cotton of 220 threads per inch and sewn with French seams and a 7" flap that keeps the pillow tucked in. They can be machine washed, dried and and ironed if desired. NOTE: pillow sham is pictured on a pillow which is not included. PN 7498

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