Funerary Greek Geometric Vase Museum Quality, Interior Design Grande 24.5H

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Funerary Greek Geometric Vase. By the early 8th century in Greece, the artist adds figure decoration of men, gods, and animals to his vases -- the most fundamental elements in the later tradition of Classical art. This Geometric Amphora was a funerary monument. Intricate geometric patterns cover the neck and body. In the main scene, a corpse lies on the bed surrounded by standing figures that mourn him. This monument would have stood on the tomb of an Athenian aristocrat, above the urn that contained his cremated bones.

  • Gallery quality reproduction made in Greece from terra-cotta, hand spun on the wheel, certified by the Greek Ministry with a pewter seal. (PN 4249)
  • Measures 24.5 in H x 12.5 in W. Weighs 20 lbs.
  • This vase is already over 15 years old!

Curator's Note: This is an exceptionally beautiful Greek vase reproduction. It is surprisingly large as would be appropriate for a grand funeral. Always pictured in the art history books, this is a rare find for the discriminating collector. You see me pictured here holding it...and it is large! -- Nina

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