Book of Dead Egyptian Tea Towel from British Museum 30 x 18.5 in

Book of Dead Egyptian Tea Towel from British Museum 30 x 18.5 in

PN# BM-K34600
  • $20.00 USD

Cotton tea towel featuring an image from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Made from cotton, full color. Measures 30 in L x 18 1/2 in W.

This fascinating tea towel is made from 100% cotton, and is machine washable.

Ancient Egyptian ‘Books of the Dead’ played an important part of the journey from death to the afterlife. They contained magical texts, ‘spells’ and illustrations, and were often written on papyrus. This section of the Book of the Dead of Hunefer (c.1280 BC) shows two priests carrying out the Opening of the Mouth ritual. The main image shows the mummy of the scribe, Hunefer, supported by the god Anubis. Hunefer’s wife and daughters are shown mourning at his coffin. The white building behind Anubis represents the tomb, complete with a portal doorway and small pyramid. Both of these features can be seen in real Theban tombs from around the time of Hunefer. To the left of the tomb is a stela (an inscribed upright pillar), and at the right of the lower scene is the table bearing the various implements needed for the ceremony. On the left is depicted the calf being led to its death by ritual sacrifice, alongside its distressed mother.

The papyrus of the 19th Dynasty Book of the Dead of Hunefer is housed in the British Museum where it can be seen on display in the ancient Egyptian galleries.

An incredible home gift celebrating ancient Egyptian culture.

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