Petite Chatelaine Little Girl Bust by Camille Claudel 6.25H

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La Petite Chatelaine (1896)
This small statue is a loving tribute to a young girl. The stylized hair locks relates her to a young muse as she looks up with a calm face for a mother's love.
Between 1890 and 1893, at the height of their relationship, Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin stayed at the romantic castle L'Islette in the Loire valley. There Claudel portrayed the six-year old Madeleine Boyer, the castle owner's granddaughter. The girl posed for a total of 62 hours and was rewarded for doing so with a doll by Claudel. In the years that followed, Claudel produced four marble versions of the portrait. The most finished version with detailed hair and a marble plinth, was made in 1896 at the behest of industrialist Henri Fontaine. The sculpture harks back to Renaissance sculpture and demonstrates the great craftsmanship Claudel had learned from Boucher.
  • Replica is part of the highly collectible Parastone Mouseion 3D Collection.
  • Measures 6.25 in H x 4.75 in W x 4 in D. Weighs 2.75 lbs.

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