Bookmark - Egyptian Bastet Bayer-Anderson Cat 2.9L

Bookmark - Egyptian Bastet Bayer-Anderson Cat 2.9L

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This is a metal bookmark inspired by the famous Gayer-Anderson cat. Also featuring a silk tassel. From the British Museum collection.

  • Egyptian Royalty metal bookmark measures 2 7/8 inches H x 1 1/4 inches W. Silk tassel adds extra length to dangle out of your book.
  • Made from metal.
  • Colors black, green, gold.

** Limited to quantity on hand, once sold item is retired**

About the Gayer-Anderson Cat:

The Gayer-Anderson Cat is a sacred temple cat sculpture from the Late Period of ancient Egypt. The regal and highly decorated bronze statue wears gold earrings and a gold nose ring. Her silver breastplate is decorated with the sacred eye of the god Horus, beneath which is an ornamental scarab and silvered disc. The cat represents the goddess Bastet and is named after Major Robert Grenville Gayer-Anderson who donated the cat to the British Museum in 1939. Cats were highly revered in ancient Egypt and were often found in temples as Bastet’s representative.    

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