Museumize:Egyptian Cartouche Earrings from Tomb of Ramses II - 6539

Egyptian Cartouche Dangle Earrings from Tomb of Ramses II

PN# 6539
  • $47.00 USD

Reproduction of a cartouche from the tomb of Ramses the Second, New Empire of Egypt, 19th century BC. It reads: Ra messu meri Amen, meaning Pharaoh Ramses beloved the god Amen.

  • Egyptian Cartouche Earrings are made 24K antique gold plate over pewter.
  • Measures 1.5 in H x .25 in W each. PN 6539

In ancient Egypt, many Egyptian works of art were designed to be read in hieroglyph symbolic language, in order to provide the underlying message, which was an essential part of their composition. In 1922, the tomb of The Egyptian king Tutankhamen of the 18th Dynasty was discovered. The funerary objects found in the tomb brought a new light on the art and life of ancient Egypt.

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