Museumize:Egyptian Guardian Statue Wearing Khat from King Tut Tomb 8H

Egyptian Guardian Statue Wearing Khat from King Tutankhamun Tomb 8H

PN# E-170GP
  • $34.00 USD

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Statue of King Tut as guardian to his tomb. Ancient Egyptian replica statue shows the male figure wearing the Khat rounded headdress and holding a staff. (PN E-170GP)

  • Made from crushed stone and resin. Hand painted color and gold details.
  • Measures 8 inches H. Weighs 2 lbs.


This statue is one of two magnificent royal statues which stood before the doorway of Tutankhamen's tomb as guardians of the burial chamber. Almost identical, they differ only in the respective types of head pieces they wear. They show the king standing with the left foot forward in a striding pose. He holds a pear shaped mace in his right hand and a tall staff in his left hand.

In one statue, the Pharaoh Tutankhamen wears the khat rounded headdress typically worn by Egyptian nobility. In the other one, he wears the nemes pleated headdress reserved for the pharaoh, which completely covers the hair but leaves the ears free.

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