Isis Egyptian Goddess Sculpture, Protector of King Tut's Canopic Jars 14.5H

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This statue of the Egyptian goddess Isis is reproduced after one of the four golden goddesses who were found protecting King Tut's canopic jars in his tomb. Isis -- along with golden statues of Selket, Nephthys and Neith -- surrounded the four sides of a wooden shrine which housed Tutankhamen's alabaster canopic chest containing the four canopic jars with his organs. (PN E-210GP)

Their bodies are all similar except for their headdress. 

  • Statue of the Golden Isis Statue with Arms Outstretched from King Tut's Tomb is made from stone and resin with hand painted gold details on black base.
  • Measures 14.5 in H x 4 in W. Weighs 3 - 4 lbs.  

Isis has an elongated neck and bodyin the tradition of the Amarna art style from the New Kingdom period. Also noteworthy, her head is turned to one side which is unlike Egyptian tradition in sculpture which adheres to a rule of frontality. She appears to be looking over her shoulder to protect against intruders.

From an inscription on the sarcophagus of Thutmose IV, Isis' role along with the other three goddesses is defined as: "These four goddesses shall be with you, accompanying you, driving out every evil that is in you flesh, exterminating those who come against you and setting their magic spells against them."

NOTE: other items pictured are sold separately. Cat Bastet Statue PN E-098BP. Scarab Candle Holder retired.

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