Poseidon as Merman Holding Trident Neptune Greek God of the Sea Statue 11H

PN# T1718
  • $60.75 USD

This muscular sculpture of the God of the Ocean, Poseidon / Neptune, has a commanding presence. Poseidon (Neptune) from Greek and Roman mythology stands holding his trident as his lower limbs shape into a sea wave. Neptune was the son of Cronus and the brother of Zeus and Hades. His fins and tail have tail have an aqua and violet hue, colors from the sea. 

Poseidon Neptune Greek God of the Sea Statue is made from cold cast bronze, light color details and measures 11 in H x 6.25 in W x 5 in D (sculpture alone). The trident extends up as far extra as you prefer. Weighs 2.75 lbs.

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