Greek Roman Classical

greek roman classical art replicasThe Greeks established an artistic style which was emulated for generations by the ancient Romans, renaissance artists, and much of Western civilization. In its many incarnations, it is identified as a Classical Style. From ancient remnants of sculptures and architecture, we learn about how the early Classical civilizations laid the ground work for organizing society around democratic principles, urban infrastructure, formalized religion, and large public gathering areas. Can you see the ancient motifs repeated in later renaissance designs and neoclassical statues?

Museumize:Corinthian with Swag Dining Table Base 29.5H,Museum White

Corinthian with Swag Dining Table Base 29.5H

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Museumize:Urn Fluted Dining Table Base 29H - 4676

Urn Fluted Dining Table Base 29H - 4676

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Museumize:Greek Key Dining Table Base 29.5H,Ochre with Gray Wash

Greek Key Dining Table Base 29.5H

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