Museumize:Ganesh Elephant Hindu God Path Clearer Unisex Pewter Pendant Charm Necklace,Pewter

Ganesh Elephant Hindu Unisex Pewter Pendant Charm Necklace

PN# VEDA-552
  • $12.95 USD

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Ganesh, the elephant headed man, is the Hindu remover of obstacles and also is known as the beginner of things. He is the son of Parvati, who per legend, formed him out of mud and then invested him with life. On this pendant, Ganesh sits in a traditional pose of warning and admonition. It is a large pendant that would make a strong central statement amidst beads or crystals as a focal point.

  • Pendant measures 1 3/4 in L x 1 in W x 1/8 in thick.
  • Made out of Fine Pewter. Weighs 0.6 ounce. (VEDA-552)
  • Pendant comes on a legend card with a 33 inch long black cord
  • Part of the Veda Vedic Hindu Collection.

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