Cycladic Minoan Early Greek Civilizations

early greek art replicas minoan snake goddess cycladic female forms cyclades greeceFrom the early Greek societies of the Cyclades and Minoan Crete, we offer several iconic reproductions from museums around the world: Elongated Female Burial Statue from Cyclades; Minoan Snake Goddess shaking her snakes from Crete, Minoan Bees ceremonial earrings.

The early Greek societies ca 3000 to 2000 traversed the Mediterranean trading with the Egyptians and establishing colonies on every coast. The Minoans disappeared after the volcanic destruction of Thera, leaving behind remnants of a highly advanced culture including magnificently detailed, colorful frescoes. Their art illustrates an interdependence on the sea with images of sea life and dolphins. It is often colorful, with some of the best preserved evidence, left behind as wall frescoes. Frescoes are paintings completed on the walls of the grand palaces with human, animal and vegetation imagery. The islanders of the Cyclades buried abstract female forms carved from marble in their burial sites. Also see our Greek Art Collection: Greek Art