Museumize:Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Prehistoric Tooth Replica with Stand 13L

Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Prehistoric Tooth Replica 13L

PN# 5097Z
  • $69.00 USD

The Tyrannasaurus Tooth was originally excavated from the Hell Creek Formation of Butte County South Dakota. The partial skeleton, with cranium and mandible we collected during the summer's of 1981 and 1982 in a dried up stream bed. The tooth is from the third tooth position on the right side of the lower jaw (starting at the front of the jaw). It fell out of the mouth after the animal had died.

Tyrannosaurus Tooth Replica with Stand looks like it was just found in an archaeological dig! This is an exact replica directly from the jaws of the most ferocious animal to ever stalk the Earth. This serrated, dagger-like tooth is covered with wonderful detail. PN 5097Z

Made from compound stone with hand-painted details to replicate the most minute details, 13 in L x 5 in H x 3 in D.

NOTE: stand pictured is no longer available / not included.

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