The Kiss Lovers Kissing by Gustav Klimt Statue Adaptation Parastone, Assorted Sizes

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The powerful bond between man and woman (c. 1907) is eloquently illustrated by the renowned 20th-century artist, Gustav Klimt, in his famous painting of The Kiss. His paintings are large allegorical canvases which combine linear construction and rich colors often illustrating a world of beautiful women and nudes against a bejeweled background. Now in the Osterreichische Galerie, Wien. The ornamental facade seems to hide a pure almost esoteric feeling of felicity, portrayed in a classical manner, nestling in a bed of flowers. In accordance with the Jugendstil tradition, these lovers appear to be detached from the world. An impression that is reinforced by the application of shades of gold and gold leaf.

Klimt's famous painting has been adapted into a 3D statue with both the front and back sides painted in full color. 

Statue replica is from the highly collectible Parastone Mouseion Museum 3D Collection

Material : Collectible quality, resin with hand-painted color details.

Assorted Sizes:

  • Miniature: 3.75 in H x 2.25 in W x 0.85 in D, 3 oz, gift box, PN# PA03KL
  • Small: 7.5 in H x 4.5 in W x 1.25 in L, 2 lbs, PN# KL21 
  • Large: 11.5 in H x 8 in W x 2 in L, 5 lbs, PN# KLG21

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