Museumize:Myrrh From Luxor Mythos Protection Incense - F-071 - 3 PACK

Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut Myrrh Fragrance Incense Sticks by Flaires - 3 PACK

PN# F-071
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Queen Hatshepsut Myrrh Fragrance of Ancient Egypt Incense Sticks by Flaires introduces us to a favored scent from ancient Egypt. Queen Hatshepsut made an expedition to the country of Punt (Somalia) from where they brought Myrrh trees, with their roots and earth, which they then cultivated in Egypt and took root perfectly.

  • Olfactory family: Resin, tree sap
  • Components: Myrrh
  • Esoteric Use: Power rituals. Protect from evil eye, spells and witchcraft. It moves away negative energies.
  • Long burning time (no less than 50 minutes) and long lasting.
  • Premium quality. All natural.
  • Made in Spain by Flaires (PN# F-071)
  • 3 packs of 16 sticks = 48 sticks.

Part of the Mythos Collection of ancient formulas found in history from many countries around the world.

Myrrh is a thick liquid that exudes the cracks of a small thorny tree from the arid regions of eastern Africa. In Ancient Egypt they called it "Antyw" and used it to camouflage the smell of the dead during wakes or embalming corpses. Egypt imported large quantities of Myrrh for the daily worship of its temples.

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