White Musk Moughet Iris Sandalwood Egyptian Scents Air Freshener Bottle by Flaires

PN# L-704
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By Flaires, Egyptian White Musk Air Freshener to freshen bathroom, potpourri, pillows, and brighten the air with an exotic ambiance. Blends are based on cultural scents and popular natural fragrances from cultures of the world.

  • High grade perfumery ingredients Alcohol Denat, Water, Fragrance. 
  • Made by Flaires of Spain, a renown incense and essential oils manufacturer from Europe. PN L-704
  • 100ml glass bottle (3.4 oz) with spray.

Fragrance description of White Musk: 
It is the most sensual and sublime fragrance imaginable. The elegant departure of the Rose gallica opens the door of the senses. It's a fresh and velvety tone, mixed with harmony from Mouget, Iris from Florence and Mysore Sandalwood, creating a subtle fragrance that envelops us in an aura of pure musk.

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