Nike from Acropolis Greek Relief from Acropolis, Two Sizes

PN# 4079_37MW
  • $269.00 USD

Add this Nike Walking Relief to your home or garden! This relief illustrates the Goddess Nike from the Temple of Athena Nike, Acropolis, Athens, c. 410 BC (High Classical Period). Now housed in the Parthenon Museum in Athens, she is the illustrious Goddess of Victory who guided many Greek warriors to victory in their battles with the Trojans and Spartans. She was well-respected and frequently depicted on reliefs, pottery, and as sculptures. The artist Phidias (500-432 BC) created this relief as well as much of the sculpture and statuary from the Acropolis.The main differences between the two wall hangings are:
  • Large: The large one (37 in H x 21 in W x 5 in D, 16 lbs) is made from a lightweight interior design foam, then finished to look aged. It is lightweight and easy to hang. It is one of our very favorites from our entire collection. The relief has a lot of depth / crevices and looks very old and real even though it is a replica! Hanging mount on back, antique white (white with ochre wash), easy to hang. PN 4079_37MW
  • Small: The small one (15 in H x 9.25 in W x 2 in D, 5 lbs) is made from plaster with a museum white finish (cast in white, then a yellow and grey wash is applied). It is a good replica of a famous wall hanging made from plaster which is heavier than foam. This is a good choice if you want a smaller piece for your home the size of a picture frame or want to use it in a classroom for teaching purposes. Hanging mount on back. PN 4079_15MW

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