Greek Hoplite Military Playing Piece Miniature Bust Figurine 2H - Set of 3

PN# 8113-kit
  • $7.95 USD

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Miniature Greek Hoplite Military playing piece can be used in role playing military board games for kids and adults. Also, they could be installed in front of your temple play set to guard the treasury of an ancient Greek parthenon temple. 

  • Miniature Military Greek Hoplite statue bust figurine measures 2 1/4 in H x 1 1/4 in W x 1 1/4 in D. Weighs 2 oz.
  • Item has a nice solid feel, felt bottom and antique finish.
  • Add these miniature warriors to your collection of Leonidas historical statues.
  • Sold in sets of three.
  • Note: antique finish may vary on each piece.

The Greek Hoplites were the most feared soldiers of the 7th through mid-4th centuries B.C. Armed with long spears for stabbing, short swords, helmets and heavy shields, they charged the enemy in close formation. Holding a shield in one hand, they advanced in an unbroken line, presenting the opponent with a barricade of spears. Their helmets were designed to protect the face and throat, an otherwise easy target. Many helmets had distinctive nose pieces and elaborate horse-hair crests. This Leonidas warrior bust wears an early Corinthian hoplite helmet with characteristic cheek guards designed to cover the face.

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