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Anubis Egyptian Jackal Dog on Golden Chest from Tutankhamun Tomb 6.4H -

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Anubis Egyptian Jackal Dog from Tutankhamun Tomb reproduced after an original in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Dynasty XVIII, 1347-1237 B.C. This statue of Anubis as a black jackal was found guarding the entrance to the "treasury" chamber of King Tutankhamen. Anubis is essentially an Egyptian funerary god, venerated as the lord of the necropolis. He guides the dead in the next world, watches over them and presides over mummification.

Anubis Egyptian Jackal Dog on Golden Chest from Tutankhamen Tomb is made from designer resin with hand painted gold and color details and measures 6 3/8 in H x 5.5 in L x 3.5 in W. Inside of golden chest is 2 in W x 3 3/4 L in x 2 1/2 in H. Weight 2.5 lbs. (E-305GP)

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