Klimt Mother and Child Three Ages Motherhood Gift Tealight Candleholder 5.75H

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Ceramic candle holder with Gustav Klimt's painting Three Ages of Women on all sides.The central image emphasizes the unique bond between mother and child. This desktop sized candle holder has a cavity at top to hold a tea light candle. It would make a lovely Mother's Day gift or baby shower present.

  • Measures: 5.75 in x 2 in W x 2 in D.
  • Weighs 10 oz.
  • Part of the Parastone Museum Gift Collection. TC06KL
  • Four-color printing of a masterpiece painting on all sides.
  • Comes with a color description card and tea candle.

Gustav Klimt (1862-1918): Klimt was a prominent member of an innovative group of artists called Sezession and is considered to be one of the main pioneers of modern art. Apart from this, his ornamental Jugendstil style evokes an irresistible feeling which is inspired by the fin-de-siecle of 19th century Vienna: elitist, liberal-middle class, decadent, and pleasantly decorative. His work is extremely recognizable due to his monumental style combined with Byzantine-like ornamental art and classical symbolism, created against the background of romanticism which was so characteristic of his time.

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