Magna Carta Seal Ring Replica for Historic Costume Unisex

PN# 8820-PEW
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Replica of ring used to imprint a wax seal on the Magna Carta.This is a historic replica which would add authenticity to a Renaissance costume for a King. Pewter seal of King John on a ring which comes with an information card that explains about the Magna Carta and its history.

  • Ring seal top measures 5/8 in diameter.
  • Ring is adjustable to fit most sizes

Celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta of 1215. The Magna Carta is perhaps the best known document in English history. Sealed by King John at Runnymeade on 15th June 1215 and confirmed by later Monarchs, the Charter has stood the test of time and provides the basic fundamental principle of human rights. In presenting an attractive facsimile of the original document written in Latin, the publishers have introduced a number of Coats of Arms of the Earls and Barons who were prominent before and after the Charter was signed.

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