Michelangelo Signature Silk Men Neck Tie, attic no returns

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Invoke greatness in your daily affairs by wearing this executive navy blue silk tie with the signature of Renaissance master, Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), added at the bottom in a subtle and complimentary light blue. This sculptor, painter, and architect created a legendary selection of artworks renown for their classical beauty and touching humanity (the Pieta, David, the Sistine Chapel, the tomb of Julius II, and St. Peter's in Rome). The signature here is taken from The Pieta, the only artwork he ever signed.

Made from fine quality silk, signature is part of the design (not embroidered and not added as an applique), 3 7/8 in W. PN 5509.

NOTE: Shirt pictured is not included.

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