Sunflowers Ceramic Museum Flower Vase by Van Gogh 8.5H

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Sunflowers Art Ceramic Vase by Van Gogh illustrates Van Gogh's famous painting of orange sunflowers adapted for the surface of a ceramic vase. The vase has been cleverly designed to enhance the appeal of the sunflowers as the top edge has a cut out pattern.

  • Put your favorite flower bouquet inside and decorate your home or desk.
  • Art vase is made from kiln-fired ceramic, color and gloss finish.
  • Measures 8.5 in H x 2.5 in diameter. Weight 0.8 lbs.
  • Shape is round.

This vase is part of an art vase collection called Silhouette d'Art. It is crafted from fine ceramic and decorated with a famous masterpiece painting. Vases are a cooperative effort between two European fine art manufacturers -- Parastone, a Dutch Art Company, and John Beswick, a British ceramic company. The famous art masterpieces are selected for their visual beauty and then applied to a special shaped vase design with a cut edge to enhance a design element from the painting.

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)
Post-impressionist painter Van Gogh was a huge influence on developments in 20th-century art. He however did not live to see his artistry recognized and during his life only a single work was sold. At the age of 37, the lonely artist, committed suicide driven to despair by a destructive psychological affliction. After a decade of prolific drawing and painting, he left behind a substantial oeuvre which provided an important stimulus to artistic movements such as Fauvism and Expressionism. He is know for thick application of paint, a technique called impasto, which adds a textural surface to the canvas and forever leaves behind a visual signature of Van Gogh's artistry.

Sunflowers Painting by Van Gogh (1888, fourth version)
In 1887 in Paris, where Theo his brother lived, Van Gogh painted four still lifes of sunflowers. The works received great praise from his good friend Paul Gaugain, whose opinion meant a great deal to him. A year passed and Van Gogh hoped to impress Gaugain with four, new Sunflowers painting. These were intended for his friend's bedroom at the Yellow House in Arles, where both artists spent nine eventful weeks between October and December. In 1889, he painted another three versions which were very like the prior series of four.

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