Venus of Lespugue Prehistoric Mother Fertility Goddess Charm Necklace

PN# ETM-506
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This stylized, almost abstract female figurine is the so-called mother goddess, Venus of Lespugue (ca 20,000-18,000 BC). She was found in the cave of Rideaux near Lespugue in the Haute-Garonne at the bottom of the Pyrenees in 1922. The true meaning of the Venus figurines is unknown. It is likely that in the hunter and collector society of those days, their corpulence stood for prosperity and fertility and as such she is mother goddess or earth goddess. She is fat, showing her abundant life-energy. To many, she is the symbol of life itself, and the creative side of womanhood.

  • Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33 inch long cord. PN ETM-506
  • Made from Fine Pewter.
  • Measures 1.5 in L x 0.5 in W. 

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