Venus of Lespugue Prehistoric Goddess Replica, Parastone 6.5H

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Venus of Lespugue (ca 20,000-18,000 BC)
The replica statue is based on an abstract female figurine from the high-Paleolithic period. It was found in the cave of Rideaux near Lespugue in the Haute-Garonne at the bottom of the Pyrenees in 1922. It was heavily damaged and later restored to a large extent. Venus figurines is a collective term for prehistoric female figurines ever since the Marquis de Vibraye named a prehistoric nude female figurine Venus Impudigue (an indecent Venus), which is a pun on the Roman Venus Pudica.

The true meaning of the Venus figurines is unknown. It is likely that in the hunter and collector society of those days, their corpulence stood for prosperity and fertility. In the range of Venus figurines which have survived, the Venus of Willendorf has the most exaggerated corpulence with other like this one, the Venus of Lespugue, also showing her special endowments. The female sexual characteristics are presented very explicitly and enlarged on the contrary to the face, arms and legs which, apparently, were less important.

Venus of Lespugue Statue is made from resin with an antique finish and removable black metal stand. Comes with a color description card in four languages.

Measures: 6.5 in H x 2.5 in W x 2 in D including stand. Weight 0.6 lbs.

It is part of the Parastone Museum Collection (Mouseion 3D) from Europe which pays tribute to important artworks from many cultures and time periods.

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