Three Blind Mice Fairy Tale Miniature Porcelain Trinket Box 2.25H

PN# TEB12550
  • $14.95 USD

This miniature porcelain box has Three Blind Mice on top of an oval shaped porcelain box. The front mouse has a walking staff while the other two mice hold on for guidance. All wear black sunglasses as they slowly walk over a green grass like painted surface. The box opens around the green rim with a hinge. This type of trinket boxes usually has a tiny surprise inside. This one has a tiny grey mouse. The Three Blind Mice will evoke smiles all around after a look at this charming group.

  • Box is made from porcelain ceramic, hand-painted with glossy details. PN TEB12550
  • Measures 2 1/4 in H x 2 1/2 in W x 1 3/4 in D. Weighs 6 oz.

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