Ecstasy of Saint Teresa Statue by Bernini, Bronze Finish 8.75H

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Ecstasy of St Teresa of Avila by Gianlorenzo Bernini from the Cornaro Chapel in the Church of Santa Maria dell Vittoria, 1642-52.

In this portion of the complete work for the funerary chapel of Cardinal Federigo Cornaro, an angel is in the act of plunging a golden arrow into St Teresa from which she understands her ecstatic love for God. Bernini's sculptural group is part of a larger ensemble including an illusionistic ceiling painting, a marble altar, architectural panels, portraits of the Cornaro family, and golden rays.

Ecstasy of St Teresa of Avila Statue is made from resin with an antique bronze finish, 8 3/4 in H. PN 8155.

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