Museumize:Lakota Sioux Purification Mythos Incense Cedar  Sage. - F-021 - 3 PACK

Sioux Lakota Indians Purification Cedar Sage Incense Sticks by Flaires - 3 PACK

PN# F-021
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By Flaires, Sioux Lakota Indians Mythos Incense Sticks with a wild woodsy scent. Primary aroma combination: Cedar, Hay, Sage. The blend is designed to evoke the aroma from the plains of North America during the time of the Sioux Indians from early American history.

  • Esoteric Use: Purification, protection and prayers.
  • Long burning time (no less than 50 minutes) and long lasting.
  • Premium quality. All natural.
  • Made in Spain by Flaires (PN# F-021)
  • 3 packs of 16 sticks = 48 sticks.

Part of the Mythos Collection of ancient formulas found in history from many countries around the world.

In North America, the use of incense was also common, but its use was more tribal and less ceremonious than in the great cultures of South America. The Indian tribes of North America have their ceremonies of offering to the gods, as in the tradition of the Lakota (Sioux), all ceremonies that have to do with Wakan Tanka, (The Great Spirit) are finalized with the smoking ceremony the pipe This ceremony is done because the spirit is in the smoke of the sweet grass and this one likes Wakan Tanka and will make him listen to the ritual ceremony with pleasure. Incense plays a central role in traditional healing ceremonies, because it is believed that, once the negative energies are cleared, a sense of peace and relaxation ensues, ending spiritual difficulties.

The Lakota incense is made by mixing sweet grass, sage and tobacco in a bowl, usually a shell, burning the ingredients and blowing or fanning the smoke on top of the person. Often an eagle feather is used for it, for the Indians believe that the prayers and thoughts contained in the smoke are carried to the Creator on the wings of the eagles, which are the birds that fly higher and are in direct communication with the Creator.

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