Museumize:Saint George Slaying the Dragon Statue 10.5H - T1770

Saint George Slaying the Dragon Statue 10.5H

PN# T1770
  • $105.75 USD

Saint George Slaying The Dragon: When St. George came to Libya, a hermit told him that there was a dragon who demanded the sacrifice of young maidens, and now only the Princess was left. St George was determined to save the Princess. He struck the dragon, but the scales were so hard that his spear broke into thousand pieces. Finally, he pierced the dragon under the wing, where there were no scales, and the dragon fell to its feet.

Statue illustrates Saint George Slaying the Dragon. Made from Cold Cast Bronze with light color details. Measures 10.5 in H x 11.5 in W x 11 in L. Weighs 5.6 lbs est.

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