Museumize:Van Gogh Irises Miniature Porcelain Teapot - TAL818

Van Gogh Irises Miniature Porcelain Teapot 3H

PN# TAL818
  • $44.00 USD

Reviving the 17th-century English tradition of painting on enamel, this miniature teapot has a reproduction of the Post-Impressionist painting Irises by Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) from the late 19th-century.

Van Gogh is legendary for his heavy impasto application of paint, brilliant colors, and vibrant swirling brush strokes.

Miniature art teapot is made from porcelain, hand painted enamel on all sides, removable lid, decorative use only, approximately 3 in H x 4 in W. Weighs 10 oz. PN TAL818.

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