Egyptian Sun Face and Lotus Flower Clip Earrings

PN# 7443
  • $83.00 USD

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun with a human face represented glory and splendor. These Egyptian Sun Face Earrings combine the imagery of splendor with the Lotus flower which dangles below it. To the ancient Egyptians, the Lotus flower that rises in the morning from the muddy waters to flower is a symbol of purity, resurrection, and perfect beauty. The Lotus motif in these earrings is inlaid with Horus' eye-shaped garnet cabochon, and features a grain rounded edge. The elements are adapted from Egyptian museum originals dating back to the New Kingdom period, 18th Dynasty (ca. 1570 BC1293 BC).

Materials: 24K gold-plate over pewter/brass, garnet cabochon, clip earrings.

Measures: 1.1" x 1.75"

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