Greek Athenian Soldier Helmet Pewter Pin Pinback Badge Tie Tack 1H

PN# 10055
  • $9.95 USD

If you compete in Greek military strategy games or role playing fantasy competitions, you'll want to wear this Greek Helmet Athenian Military pin on your tie, cap or backpack to show your spirit. Also, you can teach children about the history of ancient Greece. The helmet has a large plume and face mask. 

  • Greek Helmet pin is made from lead free metal with secure pin clasp. It is half a helmet in a profile view. PN 10055.
  • Measures 7/8 in H x 1 1/8 in W x 1/4 in D.

The themes and creatures from Greek mythology were common on coins and jewelry in ancient Greece. Jewelry made from gold and precious stones would have only been worn by the wealthy, normally for special occasions.

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